Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here is my son's sweater vest. Coming right along. It's knit in a simple stockinet stitch, with garter stitch arms, neck and shoulders. Since I have so many projects going at once, I work a little on each and so there are lots of things being knitted at once, and then I'll finish a bunch of things around the same time.

This is a little baby sweater set I'm knitting as a sample for my local yarn shop. The skeins next to the sweater pieces will be made into a hat, booties and some stretch pants. I think it will be cute! I am being paid by how many yards of yarn I knit up. I hadn't thought of that method of figuring out compensation, but it is really the most fair way of being paid for the work.

I finished the Fair Isle doggie sweater! Here it is being modeled by my daughter's stuffed tiger. It's a nice fit. I tried to make it look a little Christmasy, but not so much that the dog couldn't wear it during other seasons. I like how it turned out, but didn't like having to hide so many ends with the fair isle knitting. I guess that just goes with the territory.

Here's a little cupcake hat I made. The pattern is available on the internet. I think they're so cute. I've made them in brown, pink and blue. I'll be putting some embroidered "sprinkles" on the top of it, and top it with a cherry pom pom.

Here's another sweater I've started. This one is for my husband (the formerly un-named recipient--I'm hoping he doesn't check out my blog). I bought the yarn (Wool-ease) to go with a pattern I found that was a pull-over sweater. I started on it and then learned that he preferred a cardigan sweater. I purchased a great book on sweater design and came up with this one. You can't see it very well, but the pattern is English rib, which I am liking very much. All the right side rows are knit and the wrong side rows alternate between K1, P1 and K3 P1. It makes a nice textured fabric. I'm trying to keep it a secret. I have so many projects that I'm working on, that he doesn't even ask anymore what I'm making, so maybe I'm safe!

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