Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My computer crashed! I'm still reeling from it, but I managed to get most things up and running again. The old hard drive stored all my passwords, userids, etc., so it has been interesting trying to piece together my online life again!

But, back to knitting. I have been busy! My son's sweater vest is almost done. Just a couple of inches and then the ribbing to knit.

And my husband sweater is coming along well too. I've finished the back and have started one of the front sections. It will be a miracle if I finish by Christmas, but that is the goal!

I think this little snowman is very cute. I got a little burned out from working on big projects, so took a break and knitted him up in a day and a half. I think I need to make many of these for Christmas gifts. To me he looks rather penguin-like. I added the carrot nose myself, and it looks more like a beak! Maybe I'll make some black wings... The pattern is available through about.com's 501 Knitting Secrets email class series.

I am really excited about this Christmas Stocking project. I got the pattern off of ebay, from a company selling vintage Grace Ennis patterns. I love this one. I've never made anything like this and it's turning out great!

Last but not least, I've been knitting up skinny, fuzzy scarves in my spare time. I made them to sell, but since nobody bought them, I get to wear them!

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