Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm not sure I'm ready for fall. Still, with the leaves turning beautiful colors and dropping from the trees, and the temperatures dropping just as dramatically, I have no choice but to acknowledge that autumn is definitely in the air. We actually got some snow today. I hope it warms up some next week for Halloween.

I've embellished this fall colored purse. I started with the grapes, figuring that I would add a vine or something. Then I started making the cute little felted flowers. The colors seemed right, so I added them to the mix instead of a vine. I like the finished product!

This is a smaller bag, my own pattern. I got the flower pattern from Nickie Epstein's Knitted Embellishments book. I love that book! It is actually two flowers; the flat purple one, and then a small rosette added to the middle.