Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everything's Coming up Cupcakes!
I've been knitting cupcake hats, cupcake mittens, even a cupcake scarf! It's pretty much all I've knitted for a month or so. Here are some pictures of my work.

I love this color combination. The cream base really offsets the pink. The mitten pattern I made up. I just followed a regular mitten pattern and added the cupcake top!

This little teal hat turned out cute.

This was a special order for a customer. She ordered cupcake hats for her girls, and then wanted something equally cute for her boys. I invented this little snowman hat. I think it turned out pretty well!

This little yellow cupcake hat almost looks good enough to eat!

Kids aren't the only ones who like cupcakes. This set was made for an adult. She wanted convertible mittens, so I had to invent this pattern for convertible cupcake mittens!

This is one of my customer's daughter wearing my cupcake hat.

And this is my daughter modeling the cupcake scarf I made. The color choice was one a customer special ordered. I think it would look really cute in alternating pastel colors.

Here are two cupcake hats I knit. I use acrylic yarn to give the items wash-ability and to make them hypoallergenic. I myself am very sensitive to animal fibers. They make me itch like crazy.