Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wide Headband With Rosette

I've been seeing them all over town. They are so wide, at first glance they look like hats. Knit out of thick yarn, they are not only super cute, but warm, too! Two chunky buttons secure the headband at the back.

So, of course, I had to try making one. Here is the result. The ones I've seen around town are more conservative colors, but I am so ready for spring, I had to make it a cheery pink.

What I'm wondering is if these cute headbands are a local trend, or if they are popping up in other areas. Can anyone enlighten me?


lisha said...

I live in southern Idaho and they are all over here too. I have tried to make one, but I am no good at trying to create my own patterns. Care to share yours with a fellow knitter?

Karen Bee said...

Sure. The pattern can be purchased at my online store: www.kreativekarendesigns.etsy.com

It is $4.