Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's On The Needles?

Currently on the needles (OTN) are a number of projects. I've never been one to work on just one thing at a time.

1. I am still making lots of cupcake hats for customers from my Etsy store. Sales dropped off quite a bit right after Christmas, only to pick up again after New Year's Day. That was a pleasant surprise for me.

2. I recently re-purchased Knitware designing software. I downloaded it off the internet. I had purchased it once before, on another computer, and because of economic troubles, the company no longer supplies technical support. The did, however, lower their price for the software. So, three of my children decided I needed to knit them sweaters. I hope they realize that's a long-term project. Maybe by next winter.... But, we had a fun time sitting down together at the computer, designing them each a sweater. They are not technically on the needles yet, except the first one. I'll have to post pictures as I knit them.

3. Several people in my neighborhood have asked me to knit them wide headbands with crocheted flowers. I've been working on them in between the cupcake hats. Here's a green one I recently made for my Etsy shop.

4. I have also tried to come up with more ideas for my Brainsucker series of earflap hats. I decided a penguin would look really cute. So, I knit up a penguin Brainsucker hat. I listed it earlier this week in my Etsy store, and it sold within a couple of hours! All I have left are pictures. I will have to make another one!

5. This one should actually be on the hook, rather than needle. I decided to try to teach a group of young women in my church how to crochet. I thought I could teach them how to make a granny square. None of them had ever heard of granny squares, and most of them had never handled a crochet hook before. By the time we got down to business, I only had 20 minutes to teach them. It was a dismal failure. I came home much discouraged. Maybe we'll try again sometime, and maybe we'll just bag the idea. Maybe I should have started with single crochet, rather than jumping right to double crochet. We were going to make an afghan for a new mother in our area.

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