Saturday, January 26, 2008

More knitted cupcakes! I spent most of today packaging these little gems to be sold at a store in Florida, called Cupcakes-a-Go-Go, a cupcake specialty shop that is taking them on consignment. I think these appliques look really cute in their packages. It's a little hard to see them, due to the glare, but they are backed by patterned paper.

Here's another view of them. They are knit out of cotton yarn, and would look just adorable on a sweater, hat, bib, coat, apron, mittens, etc.

And, of course, they look very sweet on hair bows too!

this is one of my knitted cupcake hats. Instead of sprinkles and a cherry on top, I made a rosette for the top. I noticed that the cupcake shop makes them like this.

I found this great yarn for the roses, which makes them multi-colored.


AlisonH said...

Or, a wedding-cake hat! (Said the mother of the groom, looking for ideas.)

Jordan said...

wow cute! If I saw thwm I would buy one :)