Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here are a couple more of my Madame Dupaix bags. Someone was asking where I got the pattern--I invented it! I also sell the pattern. Just email me. It is $4, I prefer PayPal. It will be sent via email as a .pdf file.

This particular bag seems to need something. Originally I had knitted in some large sequins along the top and bottom, but they didn't survive the felting process very well, so I removed them. Maybe I"ll add some black beads along the bottom or something. I'll have to think on that.

This is one of my favorites. The flower was fun to make. Incidentally, the yarn for both of these bags was purchased at a thrift store. It is Red Heart 100% wool. The label claims it is washable, but when you read the washing instructions, you have to be VERY gentle in your washing, and only use cold water. I thought to myself, "That means it will felt if I use hot water and torture it." A test swatch proved this theory correct. It felted like a dream!


Claudia said...

Lovely bags! I love the first one! Reminds me of watermelon! :)

Judy said...

Is your Madame Bag pattern available to share or for sale? Thank you.

Karen Bee said...

Ah, there's Judy's question. Yes, the Madame Dupaix Bag is available for sale. Just send $4 through PayPal to When I get notice of your payment, I'll email you the pdf file of the pattern.