Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This isn't knitting related, but it is beekeeper related. Last Wednesday I was out at night (a mistake) taking some frames of bees out of a hive to put into a small observation hive with glass sides. I must not have had my veil on properly, as I got stung on the lip! It swelled up quickly and badly. I ended up going to the ER in fear of having my tongue or neck swell up and compromise my breathing! It's all better now. Here's a picture.


Claudia said...

OUCH! I remember clearly getting stung in the face once. It just was not fun.

Heal well!

Mary Anne said...

Karen, I'm so glad you went to ER just in case. I know how painful a bee sting can be. I've been stung on my bum - yes, I sat on a bee that was drowsing on a warm bus seat. That was the most uncomfortable bus ride I've had :)

I'm happy to know you are recovering from this. Take care.

Robyn said...

OUCH! Ugh...I'm so afraid of bees. Glad you went to the ER and that it's better!

ArtfulOne said...

Oh poor baby! Yuck! I don't come within a country mile of bees!
I hope by now your swelling and pain are over too!
I too live in Utah. (Tooele) I love your knitting stuff. I'm "Needle-Challenged" but had a mother who was a whiz!
Hugs: Jill (ArtfulOne.. a "Sims" nut)

Karen Bee said...


You might consider joining the knitting guild at Dave's Drugs in Tooele. We meet monthly and there are lots of friendly ladies who are very helpful.