Friday, September 23, 2005

I have to share this funny experience. My little 3-year-old son decided yesterday that his baby doll (yes, he is a boy with a baby doll. Never hurt any of my other boys. They outgrew it and so will he. In the meantime, it's good daddy practice) needed some clothes. Granted, the little doll spends most of his time in the buff, but for some reason it has never bothered my son. Maybe it's because fall is in the air and it's a bit chilly. I don't know. All I know is that he suddenly is demanding that I make his baby a blanket. Then he wanted me to knit his baby doll clothes. I told him I would, but that it would take some time. He totally doesn't understand that concept.

So, this morning, while we were walking 3 of my kids to school, my little son said, "Mom! Where is your knitting!?" He sounded almost frantic. I told him that it was at home. He said, "You need to make my baby a blanket and some clothes!" I guess he thought that walking to school was a good time to be knitting!.

For the record, I have started a blanket for his baby....

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