Sunday, October 26, 2008


Cupcake hats are still very popular, and I make an awful lot of them. Sometimes I make matching cupcake mittens to go with them. I make so many of them, in fact, that it is nice to be able to knit something else occasionally. Recently I had an order for some fun hats, including these:

Love the dimples!

Ben is modeling a blue dog hat, which I designed from a picture of the popular children's cartoon dog, Blue.

Here is the first owl hat I designed, which looks quite a lot like the great barn owl my kids found a year or so ago, with the wide, staring eyes.

This hat I think is cuter. I made it a little smaller, made the eyes looking up, and put tassles instead of pompoms on the top.

This snowman set is a favorite of mine, because I haven't ever seen anything like it and it is a completely original design.


kb.knits said...

The snowman set is just the cutest !

Patt said...

Love your snowman set, it is adorable. I visit your site daily hoping to see a new post. Come on and start the new year off with an updated post.