Wednesday, March 21, 2007

After a few very warm, spring-like days, we're having a drizzly, chilly day that reminds me very much of the Oregon coast. It even smelled ocean-like on my walk this morning. Tomorrow the sun will be back, and it will be somewhat warmer. We really do need the moisture, so I ought not to begrudge the weather.

Meanwhile, I've been knitting. I tend to start a lot of projects and switch between them, so that I finish several projects at around the same time too, but it takes awhile.

So, here is my daughter holding up a bag that I knitted. The handle is wrapped around her neck. It is in the pre-felted stage in the picture, so it is HUGE! It's in the washer being felted right now, and getting much smaller. It's another Americana bag, hopefully the yarns will felt more evenly this time. I wasn't completely satisfied with the results of the last one.

And here's another baby sweater that I designed. I used KnitPro to make a pattern out of a photo of a horse and fence. The baby's parents own horses, and they loved the sweater. I only hope there are enough cool days that he can wear it before outgrowing it! I knit it out of Falk yarn.

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