Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Purse Finished! I knitted this Brea Bag for a Christmas present. The pattern for it can be found on here on Berroco's website.

This is a hat, glove and scarf set I knitted for someone. She wanted it to go well with black or brown, and have novelty yarn. Hope it fits the bill. It should be quite warm. The yarn is a wool blend, but not at all scratchy, even to my sensitive skin.


Allison said...

Your Brea bag turned out really well. Was it difficult to make? It looks very complex.

ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

Your bags are just great! I love the Brea Bag shape. I will hae to make that one.

Karen Bee said...


It is easier to make than it looks. And, it knits up faster than you'd think as well. Give it a try!


Jknits said...

The bag is darling - your daughter is sure to love it.

The other set is great too.
(I'm visiting from the Bag-a-holics site)

Karen Bee said...

Thank you!