Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's a beautiful day! Sunny and about 81 degrees. I've been spending a lot of time out in the yard, but I still don't have my vegetable garden planted yet. It's on my to do list. Hopefully this week it will get done.

Some of the kids had strep throat this week; so did I. Of course, we mothers never really get a break, but I was able to get on antibiotics before I got too sick. I'm feeling much better now.

Meanwhile, I have been knitting. My license plate cover says "She would rather knit." It's the truth. I'd rather knit than most other things. Here are a couple of my latest projects:

Yet another "Madame Dupaix" bag. I love this pattern (even though I did make it up myself)! It knits up so quickly! This one is for my daughter's 17th birthday. I'll put some buttons and beads on it, and maybe some embroidery before I give it to her. It turned out a bit longer than I thought. One of the top layer of cream colored yarns wasn't wool, and even though I knitted it along with a wool yarn, it didn't felt very well (neither have I ;) ). Still, it works fine in this bag. It just made it longer.

This isn't finished, but all the knitting is done. It's like the raspberry purse, only black. So, it's a black raspberry purse! I need to make the lining and then attach the handles. This was special-ordered by the person who bought my raspberry purse.

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Mary Anne said...


the bag is a beautiful colourway and your black raspberry purse is looking cool.

Strep throat - ouch, that's very painful. I'm glad you recovered fairly quickly.