Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I was contacted by a woman who wanted me to knit hat and mitten sets for her three little girls for Valentine's Day. She wanted me to use furry novelty yarn in all of them, and she wanted them to be coordinated. This is the set that I made for her two-year-old. The hat is very cute on, as the corners poke up like little "horns".

This hat and mitten set is for the five-year-old. I graphed out the heart motif and added embroidered flowers with a pearl in the middle. I think it turned out nicely.

This last set is for the eight-year-old. I adapted the hat pattern from one I found online, then somehow figured out how to include the stitch pattern in a pair of mittens. Don't ask me how I did it, it's too complicated to explain, but I'm very pleased that I was able to figure it out. This set is my favorite of the three.


Katie said...

Awww! Very cute--nice job.

Kay said...

very nice projects! I love your dishcloth varieties..Everything is very nice.

Anonymous said...

WOW---lovely pink hat and mittens! I'm thirteen and reeeaaally like to knit. I was wondering if you could put the directions up there. . . for mabey a bigger head??
TY (thank you)

Karen Bee said...

The pink hat is very easy to make. With worsted weight yarn and about a size 7 or 8 16-inch circular needle, cast on about 85 stitches (for someone 13). Mark your beginning and join in the round. Knit one row, and then join a novelty yarn with your working yarn. Purl in the round on a circular needle for about 5 rows. Cut the novelty (eyelash) yarn and knit just with the working yarn (pink). To know how tall to make your hat, measure your head from about the ears to the crown. Add about 1 inch, or whatever you feel would be the right height. You can sort of try it on as you go. After you've knit to the proper height, there are two ways to finish the hat. One is to bind off the stitches, turn it inside out and flatten the hat, then sew the top edges together. The other way is to turn the work inside out with the stitches still on the needle, separate the stitches into halves, with even numbers on each needle and, with a 3rd needle, work a 3-needle bind-off.

For the top of the hat, I got curtain rings and crocheted around them with the eyelash yarn. If you wanted to, you could make pompoms instead and secure them to the corners. There is a picture of a baby wearing a hat like this on my store, found at